Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Politics in the Middle East

I met with a man today who is originally from Fallujah, a place that has been a center for violence and terrorism. He told me about how all the problems there were created by a couple of translators who were antagonistic to the American military and began the whole problem. In addition, rumors were begun that the American military had glasses through which you could see people nude. This, of course, deeply offended the honor and dignity of the very modest Muslim people. It was interesting to also note that as this man explained these miscommunications and "cheatings" he had high hopes for the future of Iraq and the American military. He expected everything to be settled within two years. I have not heard such an optimistic number from anyone else, American or Iraqi. His reasoning was that now that the Americans has been deceived, they were wiser, making wiser decisions, and understood the psychology of the people. They now know whom to listen to and whom not to trust. So, things will be better soon... I hope.

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