Friday, May 30, 2008

The Cliffs of Insanity!

I climbed down into a 20 meter bat cave/crevice today. Then I climbed out. I think I have never done anything harder in my whole life. Even Mr. Harken's weird workouts didn't push my like this. My knees are a tribute to all purple fruits and I even managed to bruise my shoulder blades. But I had so much fun. After that I rappelled off of a 60 meter cliff. It was awesome fun! Clare climbed up about 55 meters but couldn't make the last 5 because of the lichens on the rocks and the overhang. But she made it a long way. I was already knackered by then so I didn't even try any of it. That bat cave was enough for me!


Autumn said...

Sounds like hard work, but fun. I wish I'd been there.
Hey, I'm new to your blog, but is it okay with you if I join the crowd of visitors? I'll talk to you later, Colleen. :D
Love from,

thebeloved said...

You may certainly join the one or two people that occassionally happen across my blog! :) Thanks for checking it out! It WAS fun!