Saturday, September 08, 2007

I have been reading the Psalms.

Oh Lord my God,
Help me in my distress.
My face is salty and wet;
My eyes are red with weeping.
I am pulled one way and the other
There is no way to please men.
My path is painful before me
I do not like the ways I see.
Anger rises in my heart
But spills out in grief of spirit.
I am a wanderer blown like the sand
I do not know where I will rest.
One man says go here,
Another says, no! this road is better.
The far-off one speaks with wisdom and authority
But doubts come from the near one's mouth
Smooth words that pull my desire to please
Although lacking in rights.

And yet my God is right.
His voice will lead me.
I will follow and walk in his way
Forever will he keep me secure.
Although those near me may grieve
And one will be disappointed
I will yet praise God my savior.
For I choose rightly with his help.
My actions are according to conscience
Made righteous by the blood of my Lord.
My God will never abandon me
For his love is everlasting.
Though human foundations crumble,
The pillar of YHWH stands firm.
He has shown me where to put my trust.
May I hear and know my Shepherd's voice.


girlfriday said...

Lovely. What translation is this taken from?

thebeloved said...

Oh! Now I am embarrassed... This isn't actually one of the Psalms, merely inspired by them.