Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sara Groves Sings

I really Identified with the lyrics to this song, although I haven't been to Rwanda.


Caleb B. said...

Hey, just wanted to say I'm praying for you tonight, and we will do so at our prayer meeting tuesday. May you have a fruitful semester! In Christ,

-pauli said...

wow. how perfect.
I miss u girl!

e-Mom said...

This is a powerful clip! Maybe I'll post it on my blog too...

Bloggy friends of mine are missionaries in Haiti, and they LOVE Sarah Groves. (All from Minnesota) This clip from Rwanda reminds me of the Livesays... if you have time, take a look here:


e-Mom said...

My friends, the Livesays, posted this clip on their blog. One of their readers picked it up and posted it too. This thing has gone viral. Great job!