Tuesday, May 08, 2007

High Voltage Has a Whole New Meaning

Last night our TV went on strike when the city power came on. I haven’t ever heard of someone going on strike for getting over-paid, but the TV was getting a little too much power, I guess, despite the multiple surge protectors. And the dissatisfaction among our household electronics seems to be catching.

Tonight during our International Fellowship meeting, our DVD player decided that it no longer desired to fulfill its assigned role. No, indeed, it wanted to be a fog machine! It would have been a fairly prolific fog machine, producing a curling white smoke that drooped off the entertainment center like the dry ice vapor. Having no use for such an appliance in our household, we had it taken outdoors where it continued to puff in solitude. After everyone had left, I went outside to see what it was up to. It wasn’t doing anything. So I told it that all would be forgiven if it would only return to its previous function. After much pleading, however, the only response given was the emitting of a strange brown goo. Do to its stubbornness it has been permanently moved to the outdoors where it will be shipped off to the dump, where all rebellious electronics belong.

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