Thursday, May 10, 2007

Chuckle... it is good for you.

This made me laugh.


Nick Jesch said...

Made me laugh, too--loudly!! (and no one about to hear me, either). This is SOOOOO very one sense. But in another, so very ancient...yes, mammon is a very popular god, has a great following. Few who serve him realise they are indeed serving a demanding god. Or any at all! I think it was Bob Dylan sang "butcha gotta SOIVE sumbody" And to think there are those who mock the likes of us for serving the God of creation.Wish they could hear about the gods THEY serve..because we all do.

Jeff Moss said...

I agree, that was funny...but in a convicting way.

I noticed that the "ad" talks about Mammon as a belief system that serves YOUR needs. That reminds me of the elderly Russian pastor I worked under in the Far East a few years ago. He was talking about how, when Russian preachers gave an invitation for people to be converted, they used to ask, "Who will come and serve God?" Now you're more likely to hear, "Who will come and be saved?" You could say that the emphasis has shifted from us serving Christ, to Him serving us.

Of course salvation is by His grace through faith, not by works--but still, we are saved in order to be His, to serve.

thebeloved said...

Yes Nick, money has been worshiped for a long enough time, and yes, Jeff, most people look at what they can get out of things. It reminds me of the quote by one of our presidents about thinking "not about what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." Do you know why Iraq is having such a hard time getting off the ground... everyone is in it to see what they can get from themselves...even my own students. They just complain. But that is off-track. I found the cartoon both funny and slightly depressing. Too many people follow money and serve themselves, but in the end they lose themselves.