Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A Wierd Way to Have Fun

I had a great time playing with this this neat website which I stole from Jolly Company's blog. Although the faces that came up for me varied wide and far, pretty and strange, famous and not-so-famous, old and young. Only two names came up more than once in a variety of pictures of myself. My conclusion was that I must not look like any celebrities because I didn't look much like any of the people that they thought I must look like. Shiri Appleby and Rachel Bilson were two of the highest ranking. It was amazing that I could resemble over twenty-five women and that none of them look like me at all, especially since I am a blonde. There were also several men whom I also do not resemble at all that were in the list, including Prince Harry of England. Astonishing. But still terribly amusing.

1 comment:

mreddie said...

That is amusing - I just look like an old bald guy. :) But God loves me anyway. ec