Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Life in Bridesmaidville...

Today I went shopping. It has been the third time I have been shopping this week, every time for necessities for my upcoming trip or the wedding I will be in this Saturday. I really dislike shopping, it is so exhausting and very little is accomplished. But I suppose that the trips have not really been in vain. I was able to get all the needed items. And the bride (my friend) will be getting some pampering from a couple of us girls.

It is so hard and yet so wonderful that my dear friend is getting married in a matter of days. She and I were inseparable from sixth grade all through till graduation. And she still was (and is) one of the first people I would tell when anything happened in my life. And now she will spend the rest of her life with this guy who, although I am sure he is wonderful, is almost completely unknown to me. Perhaps all my childhood fears of her finding a friend she likes more than me has finally been realized. Although these thoughts are there, I really am so very happy for her. Everything I have learned about the guy just seems perfect for her. God knows what he is doing.

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