Monday, June 05, 2006

From June 2nd

Yesterday, deplaning into Nashville, Tennessee, I entered the world of sweet tea and spray butter (actually anything butter). These things do exist in my hometown but here they reign supreme. I certainly will have to watch what I eat here. I have only had three meals here but I already feel like my innards are congealing. Don’t get me wrong, the food has been great, I just can’t keep up with it. I was pleased to find last night that my generous hostess had forgotten to butter the broccoli before she had set it on the table. I had seen peas buttered for dinner once, but broccoli is taking it too far.

Another fascinating experience was that the youngest boy in the family, who is affectionately called “Boo” by his older siblings, asked me, “Do ya have video games in yer country?” Obviously understanding the importance of video games I was more surprised by the political implications of his question. I don’t watch the news very often but I think I would have known if Idaho had suddenly decided to secede from the Union. Boo’s question had some merit I suppose as it had been precipitated by a string of questions from his family through out the last two days about various stores that we do NOT have in the Northwest. I think as a six year old it must seem to him like only people in foreign countries don’t have Kroger, White Castle, and nearly a dozen other staples of the Nashville community.

Another adventure was linked to Boo’s most recent accomplishment: learning to read. This of course allowed him to begin reading what I was typing over my shoulder. Thus I began typing just for him and typed all sorts of silliness about him and then he really wanted me to send it to my parents. I don’t think they would really care but in summary Boo has two ears, two feet, blonde hair, blue eyes, and he really likes to read, but more than that he likes to pretend his is a black ninja.

That pretty much takes care of it.


Aiming at Proverbs 31 said...

Really cute - Boo, who .....?

Love, Mom

Aiming at Proverbs 31 said...

You should change your profile now. "smile"

Jen said...

I like my broccoli buttered, thank you very much. However, I prefer most things un-. Better pull out the pilates mat. Or perhaps you can do aerobics while learning Kurdish... Love, peace and grace to you, dear much-missed friend.

mreddie said...

Such a shame to me that kids find it so hard to be entertained unless they have some sort of electronic device. ec

thebeloved said...

mom--profile duly changed.
jen--I never knew! And I do need to excercise more!
mreddie--it is a little sad... he broke his wrist though, so now he can't play them for a while.

Zwerver said...

So funny -- spray butter and sweet tea. It's true about the south though. When I was interviewing for this (Texas) job, I had a faint idea about the sweet tea thing and so when my interviewer asked me casually "So how do you like it up there?" I mentioned how you can't get sweet tea like you can down south and he liked this answer a lot. :)