Friday, June 09, 2006

A Couple of Jokes

Taken from A Thousand Sighs, A Thousand Revolts by Christiane Bird

Kurdish joke: “After an election, the Americans are very slow, they take twenty-four hours to count the votes. The British are better; they take only four hours. But the Arabs are the best—they know the results before the election!”

Another Kurdish joke: “God pushed the Kurdish people out of heaven and into hell because they were making too much noise with their dancing. But Satan didn’t like the noise either, so he sent the Kurds to purgatory. Passing by one day, God noticed that things were suspiciously quiet. What’s happening? Why isn’t anyone dancing? He asked a young boy. Oh, everyone is too busy to be dancing! the boy said. They are all out smuggling people between heaven and hell.”

I have found that the Kurds are known for their smuggling capabilities. In fact it is merely a matter of price for what level of exit you might want. I spoke with a man who had been smuggled out of Kurdistan the other day. Strange eh?


Deborah R Foucachon said...

Hi Colleen! We miss you so much already! I can completely relate to your Southern experiences, as our family live in Birmingham for 3 years! :) There are many wonderful things about the South...but manalive, they like their iced tea, and they like it SWEET! :D I enjoyed the Kurdish jokes...:) I'm praying for you my sister!
Love and hugs,

Nathan said...

Excellent jokes. The smuggling makes sense though. That Silk Road tradition, you know...

mreddie said...

It seems that every country and culture have their own odd stuff - even us here in the south. :) ec