Wednesday, March 27, 2013

So much...

My mind has been crowded lately. A cluttered mix of thoughts swirl, crystallizing for moments only to be broken apart, caught and crushed by the turbulent movement of ideas, knowledge, words.

How do you create an argument, a full fabric, when your real skill is unraveling the knit and purl of worldview? When you see the flaw in each premise and statement that people produce. How do you choose not to be overly critical? How do you hold onto joy? Peace?

It's the peace that's hardest to grasp in my mental cacophony. There are too many tunes being played at once and I don't know how to shut it off.

So I pray.
I beg.
God be with me.
Create space.

Give me the ability to think one thought at a time--the thought You want me to be thinking. Help me to hold that thought and not be distracted by the idols of material goods, the dreams of the past, the conflicts of the present, or the fears of the future.

I take Ann Voskamp's advice (or rather, I try to). Slow down. "Life is not an emergency." I don't think it is. But my mind sometimes runs as if it is. Deep breath.

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