Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Turkey Day

"But "foodism" can also obscure the real point (and fun) of Turkey Day."

Today I read this in a news article. I don't even remember what the rest of the article was about because I was so flabbergasted by this statement. I find it amazing that a person could be so self-contradicting and actually publish it seriously. For if it really is Turkey Day and all about Turkey, foodism seems to be the most rational response. After all, we're worshiping food. But the author seems to imply that something else other than food (like maybe family and thanks) are really the point of this day. If so, why didn't he just call it "Thanksgiving"?

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Rachel Lambert said...

If we want to leave the One to Whom we must give thanks OUT of a holiday created for that purpose, I guess we are forced to fill ourselves with food that perishes, and try and push down our consciences with cute phrases about family. It's so sad how our culture celebrates with emptiness, dancing in dirtiness, and leaving hope and faith out of life and food.