Sunday, March 04, 2012

All is Grace

All that I can do right now is count the little things... 

580. Finishing my little booklets project!
581. Pepperoni pizza
582. The smell of disinfectant
583. A good hair day
584. The grey tan sky with sun beams breaking through
585. Having made cinnamon rolls a month ago and put them in the freezer
586. The body of Christ is my family
587. The whole city is my family
588. The loss of my dear friend and colleague and my dear student (trying to be thankful here)
589. Peace with lots of people in my home
590. Food brought
591. Toilet paper brought
592. My team is my family
593. Ladies who come and remind me to eat
594. Heart-wrenching pain and the solemnity it causes
595. Joy from realizing the good that will come from sorrow and hurt
596. Understanding the meaning of communion and blood so much better
597. Notes, e-mails, condolences
598. Laughter over fond and funny memories
599. Pictures taken of quotes on my wall... "What is the gift in THIS moment?"
600. New found boldness
601. The beautiful snow that covers the city in white, there is so much symbolism there.
602. Identifying the attack of the evil one in myself and banishing it
603. Three days of our house filled wall to wall with people that are going from grief to joy
604. A day at home without more than 30 people in our home...
605. The flowers that people brought--so beautiful
606. Homemade toffee nut lattes brought by a dear friend
607. God's provision on a grand scale
608. My first night of solid sleep in several days
609. J doing our laundry, bless that woman!
610. The flower pin that R gave me and gives me hope
611. The knowledge that God will give me the grace to handle each day as it comes, even if looking forward can seem overwhelming


Everyday Anne said...

It's cathartic to remember the good things. Still in my thoughts and prayers

Miriam Forster said...

And hugs.


Cheryl said...

Colleen, you are an amazing woman and such an inspiration to me! I truly love you and love your heart. I have thought of you dozens of times during these days and wept tears of agony for all that has transpired there in the last week. Can't imagine what you've been through and yet you can find something to thank God for. We look forward to hearing about today's funeral. Blessings on you all.
Love, Cheryl