Monday, February 21, 2011


46. Pouring drenching brown rain that turns everything to mud including the tile patio, but it makes the sky clear!

47. Not getting days off for local rioting because it means my kids (students) aren't curiously wandering about the streets getting hurt.

48. Helping resolve issues peacefully between friends.

49. Ranch dressing... enough said.

50. Talking with the neighbor lady and being able to be a friend who knows what it is like to live in a different culture and learn a new language. (She's used to living in the UK, but doesn't speak English.)

51. A water bottle full of Airborne to drink all morning in class.

52. Being caught up on my grading (even if it was only 12 hours!)

53. Whoever it was that switched on the neighborhood power breaker to our house (we were running the dryer)... thank you!

54. Reading Psalms with my kids... we can't get to God... SO MUCH TRUTH!

I can't even think about anything else anymore except good conversations with my students as they walk themselves through their own depravity. The Word is so logical. Everything follows. How amazing is that!

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Craig said...

I know it’s not Ann’s Multitude Monday anymore – it’s Thursday – but there are just a whole lot of gratitude lists to get through!

First – my fave from your list was 49. Ranch dressing... enough said. (only because I can see it makes you happy – me – I’m and Italian or Balsaminc Vinaigrette kind of guy – but if you’re smiling – I am too :)

And I hearted “The Word is so logical. Everything follows.”

Thank you for this – made me smile.

God Bless you and all of yours this day.