Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The day of the newly well...

I washed the howsha today. (That is our tile patio.) Coldness, water... it was a little hard to get myself going into the job. But, once I got going it was fabulous. I love a bit of physical work. Being a teacher is so mental most of the time. I also helped tidy up our house a bit. Last night the power went out. It's really hard to clean up in the dark, so we just left it for the next day. I also built a little bookshelf for my schoolbooks using a board, a pillowcase, and bricks. These bricks are monstrous and heavy... especially four at at time. But I like my bookshelf. I made pizza today too... what else... some grading. I might not have been so productive with the rest of my day if I had not been procrastinating from reading some of my students legends. Fifth grade ESL writing makes me unable to speak English. All week I've been having to re-say things so that they actually make sense. Walked to the grocery store... or rather several convenience stores. Bought butter, margarine, cheese, toothpaste, coca-cola, bread and matches. No napkins made an appearance or I would have bought them too. Kurdistan is a run-on sentence. Thus my sentences also have become rather winding and pointless. =) It is a funny thought. Xwat legal!

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