Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dinner Time

We're having a local family over for dinner.

This is a rather stressful event for us foreigners. We want them to actually be willing to eat what we put before them. But if we try Kurdish food, we'll fail miserably and we'll end up spending all night having them tell us how to really make Kurdish food (their way!). So we've got to come up with something that is both semi-Kurdish in flavor and not at all Kurdish in appearance. How about that!

Add into the mix that this guy is a germophobe to the nth degree. And his wife pretends she doesn't speak English around her husband... and their kid goes to our school.

Yeah... it'll be fun and exhausting.


Diane said...

Have a great time, and be sure to tell me all about it.

Anonymous said...

Good luck! So, what are you making?

Little Lamb in His Splendor said...

Wow, stressful. How did it go?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but my first response to this post was, "Ha ha!". Am I cruel or what?