Sunday, April 13, 2008

A dilemma and a request

I have recently been a part of a conversation (or actually, I just listened) concerning the passage in 1Timothy 2:11-15. I know that I have distinct views on this. I also know that I approach Scripture in a certain way that only allows for a limited interpretation of most things. My first request is that you send me your thoughts on this passage.

My second request is caused by the situation behind the first request. In that conversation many other topics came up that I saw as far more important than the issue of women and yet I still disagreed with many who were there. I am a young woman... in a general conversation on a Biblical issue with older Christians how should I be? Part of me hesitates to contradict those who are older and have more experience than myself--after all, what if I am wrong? But I don't think I am wrong. I don't see how I could be wrong in light of Scripture. What then should I do? Should I approach these people? Should I ask them to clarify? Should I rebuke them (I don't feel that I could!)?

Thanks for your prayers.


Jill said...


I am a Christ church member (live in Pullman) and enjoy reading your newsletter that is sent out via church e-mail. I also get the Moll newsletter from the family business The Urban Homemaker. Reading your newsletter made me realize that your co-worker and friend is the Molls daughter. Her mother sent out a quick e-mail this week after the sudden death of her husband and mentioned that their daughter would be coming home from Iraq. I thought, Iraq? Is she a soldier? Imagine my surprise that she is associated with you and the wonderful work going on there for the Lord. Although I don't personally know the family I have known of them for many years.

Just wanted to let you know that this realization (that among Christians it really is a small world!) has made me pray in a special way for you and Laura and the Molls today. Thank you for the work you are doing there. Hug a child for me today :)!

In Christ,

Jill Farris (who recently won the Urban Homemaker "healthful hints" contest) blessed wife to Doug and happy mother to eight children ages 22 to 2 and praying for two from Ethiopia!

thebeloved said...

Thanks so much for your prayers and support...both for me and for the Molls. She made it back safely but the adjustment is difficult, with or without the stresses of her father's death. Pray too that she will be a strength for her mother. I can't imagine how hard it must me for her. Thanks again. God is good and shows us what a small world we live in.

Jeff Moss said...

This post is a couple of weeks old, but I thought it was still worth commenting on.

Without getting into the details of the passage in question here, some thoughts on the bigger issue of how a younger person (in a more-or-less subordinate position) should deal with others in matters of Biblical interpretation:

(1) Ask questions. When Jesus was asked where He got His authority, He responded by asking where John got his authority. It was the perfect way to expose where His questioners were really coming from. In your case, you might ask, "How would you explain this Biblical passage to someone who just wanted to know what it said, but (let's say) didn't know some of the words in English?" Sometimes people reveal the truth when they set their cultural and personal prejudices aside and just try to restate in simple language what the Bible actually *says*.

(2) Let God take care of the results. 1 Peter 3:1-2 gives us an amazing principle that can be applied far beyond the specific case of a Christian wife with an unbelieving husband. Are we in disagreement with those who are in authority, or who are at least older and more influential than ourselves? Then let us show them nothing but honor, while we seek to win them over to the Truth simply by our prayers to the Lord and our quiet godliness. This approach makes it very clear Whose work it is to change hearts.

I hope this helps in some way.