Saturday, February 02, 2008

Delayed in Dubai

Well, our flight got changed and no one told us and maybe the airline changed names too... we can't tell. Whatever the case, I am in Dubai for a bit more time than previously planned. We hope to fly out within the next few days and are calling the airport daily to keep track of the next flights out (make sure they don't get changed too!). But this allows for a little bit of sightseeing. Yesterday we went and saw the Ibn Battuta mall. Believe me, this place was impressive. There were areas of the mall for different places that this man Ibn Battuta had traveled from Spain to China. Below is a picture of the Persian area. I don't care for malls much, but I could have wandered around in this mall for ages. Although I don't know if that would be too good for business because I barely noticed the shops. I was only looking at the ceilings and walls. It is set up to look like you are outside almost, until you get to these huge rooms like cathedrals done up in that style. Then you move on to the next one. Anyway, it was fun and a good indoor alternative to the beaches. We wanted to go out to the beaches or something, but there was a sandstorm so we couldn't have seen anything anyway.


Thainamu said...

I hope you have more than a dollar in your pocket this time!

Nick Jesch said...

Things like this are astounding. We don't often see them in the West...far too costly to pay workers to set all those tiles....and yet, there is a beauty found in this sort of work that we miss here. And a beauty of another sort that says to the one experiencing it "it is worth it to take the time". Sometimes. Dubai is a fascinating place. Don't know all that much about it, bit it seems to be almost suspended between the west and the east....many aspects of those opposite cultures exist happily side by side. I watched some high-speed airplane races on a course laid out over the harbour once.... and I sold an old Mercedes part on eBay, the buyer asked me to ship it to a friend of his in Dubai, who would then hand-carry it to him in Pakistan. He held NO hope of ever seeing it had I shipped it direct to him in Pakistan.....Here's hoping you can continue to make the most of a nuisance extended layover. Hope the airline is taking care of your accomodations whilst they delay your flights indefinitely.