Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

I like Christmas. New Years is okay. It is a nice time for reflecting on what one has done. Although perhaps it ought to be done more... or less. Why do we decide that the change in the little numbers that we write at the top of letters or journals decide when we reflect, but "time and chance happen to us all".

Whatever the case, I looked through my old journals to discover the entries of January 1st. I have journals all the way back to when I was 7 years old. I find that there is a common thread, that weaves through them all, that is uncertainty. There is a great unknown out there, and I don't suppose that that will ever change.

I was talking with a friend as we contemplated our individual uncertainties and despite the fact that we dislike them, we also both knew that a life where we knew everything ahead of time would be rather boring. It is really more fun this way!


nic said...

Indeed it is a happy new year. The great unkown freaks me out but Bekah's trying to get me over that fear.

Nick Jesch said...

Yes, sometimes the uncertainty of the future can be unnerving and frustrating. But then, so is watching a film.....you never really know what will be in the next scene (though you can often guess, with some level of accuracy) but you keep watching anyway. Difference being that, once the credits roll, you leave it all behind. In life, tomorrow is yet one more day. Great comfort to KNOW, deep down, that we are in the hands of an utterly faithful and loving God. So, no matter what may befall us tomorrow, next year, next century, we can rest knowing HE only does wondrous things, and will preserve us to that last day..when our own "credits" will "roll".