Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Moving Day

It is approaching... The whole thing still feels a little surreal. I've lived in this house for 2 and a half years! The idea of calling somewhere else home is awkward and makes me feel distant, but at the same time the responsibility of this new home makes me feel more attached. It all smooths itself out in the end, I suppose. But I'm going to miss this funny place with its strange steps in the doorway and hallways, with the hideous brown glass chandeliers, and the ceiling stained by some man's smoking buddies some years ago. I'm going to miss the view from our roof (although we'll get a new view) and our very kind neighbors. But there is something exciting about starting somewhere new, knowing that there is no junk stashed in corners that belonged to someone from five years ago or more. It will be clean and fresh and put together. It will be nice.

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girlfriday said...

Can you take pictures of your new digs?