Monday, March 13, 2006

Happy Break!

Hello! :) Smile! It is Spring Break!

Isn't that shallow of us?

We will smile because of something so regular (and yes a blessing) like Spring Break, but we live every day of
our lives, so often not smiling even though our lover died for us. And then, even then, we don't have to live in
grief, because HE rose from the dead and conquered all that holds us in bondage.

As I read about so many of our sisters in bondage in countries all over the world, and even here in this country,
I am cut to the core. This is a bondage to fear, to grief, to lonlieness. Their concerns are the same as ours:
family, guys, money, self-image; except they have no hope of victory.

And here we are, with victory assured and we do not smile and share that victory with others.

Please pray for joy among the believers, both men and women, and pray that God will do great things among
the hearts of women and men overseas. God's heart yearns for them.


Ibid said...

are you on campus right now?

thebeloved said...

No. Nuart.

mreddie said...

It does seem sad to me that in this free country so many choose to remain slaves. And in a land where happiness is possible, multitudes choose unhappiness by their lifestyles. And in hearts where joy is not only possible but readily available and free, joylessness is the choice by leaving God out. O God, bring back the joy of our salvation in this blessed land! ec

grannyfiddler said...

i heard a speaker once -she'd been a nurse on a Mercy Ship working off the coast of Africa, giving free medical care. they weren't allowed to set foot on land, as the countries where they worked were Muslim, and they wanted no Christian prostheletizing. but word got out, and people came to them in droves, because they knew Christians don't believe hard times are fate/the work of God, and they would help.

and she said the thing that hit her like a ton of bricks was their greeting. "God is good" they said, earnestly. even though they were taught that their sickness and starvation and suffering were part of His plan, they knew He was good.

then she came home to north america, where we have so many reasons to exclaim "God is good!" and no one seems to believe it, let alone say it out loud.

we're perverse creatures, we humans. when God blesses us, we think we did it all ourselves. when we mess up, we blame the consequences on Him.

thebeloved said...

mreddie--Joy is one of those things that sets us apart, and yet we so often refuse to let it take hold in our lives.

grannyfiddler--"God is good." A phrase that I often remember for myself as I go through confusion or misunderstanding. The Psalms are good reminders of that concept as well.